Let's taste us!

Taste our tasty cakes, muffins, milk toasts, croissants, wafers as well as toasted bread or baked rolls.

Our brand

Dan Cake is one of the leading manufacturers in the bakery and confectionery industry in Poland and a leader in the country's packaged bakery and confectionery products. Since 2004, the company has been part of an international group with production facilities in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Bangladesh.

Stay in contact

Linsan Imex s.r.o, exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic. The main partner of the company is wholesale Linsan, s.r.o.

You find us:

Jana Želivského 2 ,
Praha 3 – Žižkov
Hotline: +420 222 560 283,
Tel: +608 383 789
Email: info@linsan24h.cz